Monday, October 29, 2012

Pumpkin Pancakes ala Sandy

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ckbrylliant said...

Too stinkin' cute. And I saw that box and am gonna get some next time I go!!! Be safe!

krlr said...

I cannot stand so much cuteness! Also, earworm. Thanks for that.

Colin Chase said...

I recently tried to reach you via email, but didn't hear back. Knowing how it is with so many emails coming into everyone's Inbox nowadays, I thought that maybe posting a comment would be a quicker and much better way to connect.

I am working with a very special lady, Dr. Julia Kinder, who has an 8 year old daughter with Down syndrome. We're trying to promote A PETITION REGARDING DOWN SYNDROME and I thought you would be a great resource to help spread the word.


We're also having all sorts of activities on her website Celebrating Down syndrome -

We also published a national Press Release about this a few weeks ago, but we need the active Down syndrome community to get involved -

Please let me know if you would help by posting some of this to your interested audience:

Your time and efforts are so important as we try to change the stereotypes surrounding Down syndrome - dispelling the myths - and as we try to CHANGE THE WAY IN WHICH THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY PROVIDES RESOURCES TO NEW PARENTS. We can only achieve these goals with your help!

Thank you so much!

Me ;-) said...

That was so cute! She's got some serious "stirring skills" going on there!