Sunday, October 7, 2012

More Alike Than Different

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So it's 3am, I'm up feeding Dez, and I realize that I never posted today.

I mean, yesterday.

It was a busy day.

My friend is visiting from KS and we got up early so that she could join me at the gym for my 7am treadmill class that I've come to...tolerate. Actually, I do look forward to the "break"it gives me. So, we did that, came home, dealt with the kiddos, and she watched them while I checked out our neighborhood yard sale, went to Weight Watchers, and ran some errands. Then, it was time for me to take Playette to a birthday party for one of her classmates.

Um. That experience. We both had meltdowns. I'm afraid that I will be the talk of the Mommy Meetings for a while.

What? I made that up? There are no Mommy Meetings where they sit around and judge my parenting over coffee and cake, complete with video playback so that they can plot out my errors like a football coaching staff? Are you suuuure about that?

Regardless, I came home defeated with two whiny kids. Tried to get Dez to nap, unsuccessfully, while I, ironically, tried to read a book on how to get him to sleep.

Next thing you know, it was time for the nighttime routine to begin. By the time I sat down to a meal of hodgepodge leftovers, I was pooped. Getting on the computer didn't even cross my mind.

So I slept. And, guess what? Dez slept! The longest he ever has. I'm going to try not to think the worst and just revel in my block of uninterrupted bliss I just had.

When I reflect on my day, I do admit that I did think about Ds. I did have some rough moments that I had to talk through with a friend. But, all in all, it was a busy Saturday, probably a lot like busy Saturdays that were had by millions of other families.

Sometimes people need to hear just how average of a family we really are.