Sunday, October 7, 2012

On the Comeback Trail. Literally.

Ok, so y'all know I've been running, right?

That whole 30 Day Shred thing kinda fell off after we moved, but I did keep the running up. That was difficult due to the truly offensive humidity we experienced here at summer's end, but I did the best I could.

And then I realized that this new town I live is just plain dangerous to run in, especially with a stroller. So, one day, Dez and I took a long (scary) walk and I joined a local gym.

I pretty much was to pay them just  for the air conditioning at that point. Well, and the safety. Anything was worth getting out of the swamp-like, Frogger-reminiscent conditions.

But then, when I started, I realized that they had a treadmill class. Think Spinning, but with a treadmill instead of a bike. I can pretty much do anything and try to enjoy it if someone is yelling at me. I don't do self-directed exercise well.

That class has helped me so much over the last few weeks. I try to make it on Wednesday nights and Saturday mornings, even if that means dragging my kids and paying a hefty childcare fee. It's worth it to me.

On top of that, some of my classmates taught me about where to go when I want to run outdoors. I now drive 15 minutes to an wonderful trail a couple of times a week. Dez makes a great pace partner.

So, with that kind of preparation, I was good to go to run my first post-baby race last week. It was a four-miler fundraiser for the local Ds clinic. The weather was great, I tackled some hills, and they had plenty of great snacks at the end. I love snacks.

I even exceeded my goal and completed it in just over 40 minutes.

Let me tell you, for me? That's AMAZING.

I was doing a happy dance for the rest of the day.

And then today, I ran seven miles for the first time in who knows how long. Two years, maybe?

I took on that crazy task (in cold rain, no less) in preparation for my next challenge: the Army Ten Miler.

I've got two weeks and I'm scared as poop.

I signed up for that one in a New Baby Haze one middle-of-the-night when six months postpartum sounded like a million years away and of course I could run ten miles by then.

I'd like to kick that lady in the throat.

I'm still stubborn enough to do it though.


krlr said...

You went from 4 to 7?! Uh-oh! I better get moving.

Me said...

You can TOTALLY do it! You're a rockstar. Your body may not thank you for it afterwards, but in the moment you'll be good. ;)

And that treadmill class sounds so fun. Wish gyms had that here, I'd soooo join. For now I just do my normal runs, race train, and my own treadmill intervals and I'm good.

ckbrylliant said...

You'll do great. Believing is 90% of the battle. Will you be carrying your own nutrition or using their water stops and such? Giving yourself some fuel during the 10 miler will be key to finishing strong! but you definately want to try out your product ahead of time. I have used clif bloks in the past but now use a liquid called infinit which is amazing. I have some you could try if you like!!!

Me ;-) said...

7 miles is over half the battle! You can do this! My husband will be running in the Ten Miler this month as well. This will be his 3rd time and unfortunately I have to miss out on being there with him again.

Alison said...

Whoa, sooooo impressive!