Monday, October 8, 2012

Little Mama

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A while back, I wrote about Playette's graduation from her Pre-K program.

In that post, I mentioned what she desires to be when she grows up.

I just came across this video, not a perfect documentation for sure, but it brings back all the emotions.

When she points at the end? That's her seeing me in the crowd...bawling.

The thing about it is, it wasn't just pride that I felt - which I did, I totally did - that brought me to tears.

It was also the realization that the odds are against her childhood wish coming true.

By no means do I think that one must be a parent to feel complete. It's just different when you want to be and don't have the option. Or that maybe you shouldn't.

It's complicated.

And way too heavy for this mama of a five-year-old to delve into today.

Let's just focus on the cute, shall we?

For more clinical information on this topic, see here.


Becca said...

Yep, I hear ya. I have one child. Just. One. And the liklihood is that that child will not have children. Which means I won't have grandchildren. And my family is teeny tiny, so I will likely not even have neices or nephews that I'm close to, or even know. I usually push the thought away, thinking it's entirely possible Samantha could be a perfectly capable mother-type, married to someone with an intellectual disability other than Down syndrome (and hence, not sterile), but that liklihood is pretty slim. Good post. I might tackle this myself one day.

Not a Perfect Mom said...

why? why do you hate me so much you want to make me cry? I have thought of this original post every single day since you first put it up...