Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Look who turned five (uh, four months ago)

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Since I was in a picture perusing kinda mood, I figured I'd share some more never-before-seen images.

I have lots of those. Especially from the last six months. We've been busy.

I can't wait until things calm down enough for us to be able to celebrate all of the things that deserve celebrating but got caught up in life's whirlwind.

I remember Playette's fifth birthday vividly though. It was super hot. I mean, unbearable. Blazing. But I was determined that my big girl was gonna have her some cupcakes to share at school. BD was off somewhere, saving the world as he is apt to do, so it was just me and the kiddos.

Shout-out to all single moms holding it down! 

Dez was just under two months old here. I can't believe how much I took on in those days. I think I did it because I thought that's what I was supposed to do - what every other mother does. Someone should have told me to sit my behind down somewhere.

Playette was not nearly as impressed with my surprise as I expected. At least I caught a couple of semi-pleased expressions on camera. For the most part though? She looked like she'd rather be napping.

Ohs wells. At least the other kids liked their cupcakes. I had to eat Playette's. And my own, of course.

Isn't that what all the other mothers would do? Take one (or two) for the team?

And then, after that, because I felt like Superwoman because I checked one task off of my to-do list, I went to a car dealership to look at a vehicle that BD had seen online so that I could tell him whether or not it would be a viable option for us.

While there, the salesman trapped me, him, and Dez in the third row (the child locks were on) with no air. Did I mention it was hotter than Hades?

I should have stopped while I was ahead.


Me ;-) said...

Great photos! Now you got me wanting a cupcake. . . or two!