Sunday, October 14, 2012

Myth Buster

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I had a thought today.

Well, more than just one, but y'know...

I've been up for more than a day, at times extremely frightened for the health of my boy. He's so little. His fever made him feel like a fireball in my
arms. I made multiple calls, asking for help. I had a bag packed for the ER and was thisclose to going.

My thought: I've never had to do that for his sister.

I think a lot of people believe that when they say they want a "healthy" baby, that automatically means one with 46 chromosomes only.

I used to think that.

The reality is that Playette is healthy and she has 47.

That's not to say that there can't be health complications with Trisomy 21. There are. It's well-documented.

But, every person is different. People with Ds are unique from one another, yet they tend to get painted with broad strokes. Everyone doesn't walk the same path.

I wish someone had told me that in our early days instead of just bombarding us with doom-and-gloom-filled worst case scenarios.

And there are never any guarantees in parenting.



Anna said...

I wish there were guarantees. On chilld number four now and in my a little over thirties........ I've seen too much!

Alison said...

That's going in the book.

maya said...

Totally agree! I have had that same thought--have taken two of Leo's siblings to the ER for extreme illness, but knock on wood, have not had to take Leo. And the others have been more dramatically sick, more often.
Just goes to show you!