Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Again with the Sight Words

I thought there may be have been more interest in the sight word issue, so I had planned to share more today, but maybe that's my own feelings talking?

That's ok. At least it's here for posterity.

I had another video that showed us playing a game, but the quality is really bad. No idea why. I'll have to try that again sometime.

This one here was taken a couple of weeks ago. On a really sunny morning before school. Hence the weird lighting.

Also, you can catch some of the articulation issues I mentioned yesterday.


Anna said...

Yeah, yesterday's blog took me at least 2 afternoons of research. Only one comment. I thought it was a very interesting topic and that I had great resources. Oh well. I will be going back to it once I've determined to make a decision. I am going back to read your post, somehow I missed it yesterday and we are doing sight words at our house.