Sunday, October 28, 2012


Grab This Button

1. BD thanked me this evening for my social event planning. We had plenty of food, drinks, and entertainment on Friday night for our neighborhood's Oktoberfest. Saturday, we spent the afternoon with families from a Ds support group about an hour away. And then this evening, we  were invited to a Halloween party for the kids at a new friend's church. A very nice weekend to restart as a family of four.

2. It's probably good that we got out if all these storm rumors are true and we get stuck in the house for several days with no entertainment.

3. They've already canceled school tomorrow. No bueno.

4. Dez is determined to make a fool of me and is doing the exact opposite of what he was doing while BD was away regarding his sleep habits. It's horrible. And stressing me out. We had made so much progress and now? Back to square one.

5. I'm actually excited about Halloween this year. It better not get washed out.

6. Robyn, I couldn't email you to ask about that book, so I hope you're reading this. Is it just that one that you really like? Should/must I read the entire series or does it stand well alone? Either way is fine. I'm just curious.

7. Even when there is no screaming, I still hear screaming. But right now, it's really screaming. I know that for a fact.

8. What does this little boy have against me? I love him so.

9. This is making my stomach hurt.

10. If anyone's looking to party all night with a six-month-old, c'mon over. Bring candles.