Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Mama's Little Techie

We pondered the iPad thing for a long, long time.

To get or not to get?

I mean, I knew it was helpful for a lot of people, kids included, but let's face it...it's an investment. And Playette is four. And four can be quite destructive.

Once I realized, though, that this would benefit all of us and her educational apps would just be a really nice bonus on top of a pretty cool gadget, I relented.

And then, because I'm super tight with a dollar, we still waited a long time after that before actually taking the plunge.

I must say, I like it.

Mind you, both BD and I have iPhones and we have plenty of fun/educational stuff on those for Playette to partake in, but the larger screen? Eeeeeee!

Still totally a want. I get that. Trust.

But check this out.

I've loved this app since seeing Miss G show her stuff in a video that my friend Tricia made. Playette gets a real kick out of it, so of course it was transferred over promptly.

Check out how she signs and just really enjoys herself while playing.

(Really, anyone know if she's signing "flag" and "pumpkin" here or is it something else entirely? I know she threw deer in there when she saw the picture of one, even though it wasn't the word that was requested.)

If it weren't for this experience, I don't know that she'd currently recognize items like "harp" and "globe" and some of the other truly funky non-kid-ish words in the program that are totally escaping my brain right now. I mean, I know she'd get them sometime, she just wouldn't have them right now.

And her exclamation of "Awesome!"....Oh Em Gee. Love it.

By the way, it's the Receptive app under Kindergarten.com

If you have other apps that you recommend, I'd love to hear about them.


You know what? She may actually be signing "Hopkins", the name of the frog from Signing Time and not "pumpkin." There's that rhyming thing again!


Becca said...

Saaweeeet! We're contemplating a tablet in the next month or two, too. But it won't be an iPad. We're anti "i" anything. LOL Goin' for a Dell (the interest-free-for-12-months deal is of particular interest...). We only just got our first smartphones, and Samantha has been enjoying playing some of the games and looking at some of the apps, so the tablet will make all of that even easier. Glad to see Playette has taken to it so beautifully!

Oh, and the fragility of these amazingly streamlined and expensive electronic devices kinda scares me, too...

Anna said...

Love all the signing too!!! Oh how Ive been wanting one of these. My daughter bought a tablet and Im still holding out. There arent as many apps if you dont go with the Ipad.

Lisa said...

I finally bought one, too. Sheridan loves the iTot apps (there's a base flashcards app, then a bunch of "games" for comprehension, receptive speech, counting, one-to-one correspondence, etc.). We have others we love, too. Would love to compare notes!