Saturday, October 15, 2011

I Needed This

Since (news flash!) it's Down Syndrome Awareness Month, there are lots of stories out there about people with Ds doing all kinds of things.

I think that's great.

But those aren't always my kind of stories.

I'm real wishy-washy on the homecoming court/non-defended touchdown type of stuff.

One video in particular that I saw recently, actually made me angry. Well, maybe frustrated is more fair. In a nutshell, it hyped the person with Ds up to be this amazing [fill-in-the-blank] and then when it was time to perform, I was confused, then disappointed, because what was promised wasn't what I saw.

I didn't think that was fair to me or the person with Ds.

I feel this way because I truly believe that people with Ds can do amazing things. Sure, maybe that person was having a bad day. That happens to everyone. But, if they're truly not THE MOST AMAZING WHATEVER, then let them be what they are. It's totally ok. No patronizing necessary. We're not all prodigies in everything. Shoot, sometimes I can't even walk across a room without tripping over my own feet.

So, in the vein of keeping it real, I give you...Addi. She's what I like to consider a breath of fresh air.

I had to come back and clarify my feelings for this video after reading Alison's comment. I can see now that I wasn't as clear as I could have been, originally.


Alison said...

Okay, I'm confused: was Addi's video the one that frustrated you? I do get the "she's so special" vibe, but I also appreciated the fact that she 1) gets to speak for herself, and 2) isn't the angel child sent from heaven. She swears, does a dance that is probably too sexy for a 13-year-old girl (and in that way is behaving developmentally appropriately, I think), and seems to be pushing boundaries left and right.

I found her sort of refreshing.

Me said...

What a RIOT she is! Love it!! I would have never guessed she was 13 though. You go with your sassy self Addi! LOL

Michelle said...

"I'm just here for the beer." Ha! Loved the video; thanks for sharing!

Becca said...

It was great to meet you yesterday!! Sorry it was so brief and I was so distracted - I think I was still so surprised that you were there and that I was trying to get my brain around the fact that you weren't from where I thought you were from (and was just totally confused! LOL). So sad I didn't get to meet the little one!!! Next time...?