Monday, October 3, 2011

Buddy Walkin': NYC Part II

First off, HI, ZOE!

Or do you spell it with a "y"?

If so...HI, ZOEY!

Zoe(y) is the nice lady we meet right after walking up the hill to the lovely home base of the NYC Buddy Walk and wandering just a bit. She was there as a volunteer, meant to assist folks just like us who needed some direction.

But what was so unique about this direction-giver is that she recognized us.

Wha?! Little ol' us?

Yup, Zoe(y) reads along here and I really wish I would have taken more time to talk to her then. Since I didn't, I hope this salutation helps to show that you're appreciated. Thank you not only for joining us in our journey, but also for all you do to support the Ds community.

Pretty quickly after that chance meeting, we were able to get all registered and shirted up. The six of us were all part of Team Signing Time, so that meant Playette got to meet up with her idol right away since it was almost time to take a group photo.

They are just too cute.

We even had the good fortune of meeting Rachel's family. Here's Playette with her three daughters, Laura, Leah, and Lucy.

The look on The Littlest's face is her realizing that she's not, in fact, Signing Time's one and only love.

Playette followed Rachel/Signing Time around a lot. So much so that by the time we looked up (and had finished some popcorn and cotton candy, natch), we had missed the start of the actual walking part of the walk. So, the group of us rushed over to the starting point, hoping that we'd figure the path out somehow. Good thing it didn't turn out to be too difficult after all. Plus, the mob moved slow enough that we caught up pretty quickly.

I loved taking in the sites of Central Park. All of the runners made me want to run. It's just such a pretty place in the middle of the big city. It's hard for me not be awe-struck at least once during every trip.

BD was carrying Playette in a backpack while we strolled and she made good use of her time by passing out about 3/4 of the way through the loop.

She woke up in time to get her medal at the finish line though. Check her out, nice and refreshed!

Which was a good thing. Because it was time for the Signing Time performance.

It was wonderful, as expected. Rachel even called out to Playette a couple of times from the stage, which, surprisingly, didn't make her head explode right then and there.

She did have the idea, though, that she belonged on that stage, so I had to go grab her back from trying to do just that at least twice during the concert.

Leah performed with Rachel for most of the show and then Lucy came in for the last song. Which, um, had me bawling.

Couldn't. Help it.

Great, great, great time. We enjoyed it so much, we already have plans to see another concert again very soon.

To keep the momentum going - I think we were all ready to celebrate that the promised rain failed to make even a teensy appearance - the DJ got to work.

My girl loves to bust a move. It's almost like she's challenging BD to a battle at one point in here.

There was lots more move busting and snack eating before we realized that, as usual, we were among the last people there. We know how to shut down a party, yo. We left to the sound of balloons being popped for clean-up.

The rest of the evening was spent noshing on noodles here and slurping on sundaes there.

We even had a Nina Garcia spotting.

All in all, a great day.

Thank you so much to the SkaSka's for joining us!


Z said...

Hey there! You were right the first time--it's Zoe (technically Zoƫ) and thanks for the shout out. I was just as excited to meet you guys, however brief. Though I did notice that Playette found her way to the stage during the dance party...

Adelaide Dupont said...

What an amazing opportunity!

And a spectacular experience for all involved.

Meg said...

So fun to relive that day! Watching Playette & N be totally awestruck by Rachel performing right before their eyes was so amazing. I'll never forget it. I am SO glad that we got to join you and I hope we'll be able to do it again next year, but it's pretty clear that it's our turn to come to you. By plane. Or car. No bus, thank you!