Saturday, October 8, 2011


That's what's been yelled all through the house since yesterday evening when BD's sister arrived for a visit.

Playette could not be more thrilled. She gets a playmate and gifts? What could be better?

We went out to dinner last night and then, this morning, when Playette woke up...something was different.

BD and I were still in the bed. And we could hear her. But it didn't sound like she was next door.

Apparently, instead of providing us with her patented wake-up alert of "Mommy! Daddy! Potty!" she decided to quietly slip downstairs and wake her Auntie up.

Well. Hmph.

I'm ok. Really.

No, really. Sleeping in was awesome.

Once we were all up and dressed, we went grocery shopping in preparation for a fantastic dinner that I'm shocked hasn't put me to sleep by now. Barbecue ribs in the crock pot, jalapeno corn bread, pumpkin cupcakes. *swoon*

While everything simmered and prepped, Playette and Auntie battled it out on the living room rug.

After that, the grown ladies went for a walk to enjoy the gorgeous day we had here while BD stayed behind to yell at the TV some more and Playette took a short nap.

We were going to wrap things up with a viewing of Tangled, but...TiVo ate it. Or something. Not that we couldn't watch a million other things, but my heart was kinda set on that.

And, y'know, it's all about me. *eyeroll*


Lisa said...

I love, love, LOVE Playette's moves. And BD's dancing instructions from the couch. Or wherever he was, NOT in front of the camera dancing.