Thursday, December 31, 2009

Sesame Street

We haven't started watching this show at our house yet (Playette currently has no interest in anything but Signing Time and ESPN), but I enjoyed watching these clips and thought someone else might, too. Apparently, Sesame Street is great about including all kids, which I love.

The 80s-ness of it all is almost worth the click alone. Check out mom's stonewashed jumper dress in the first one.

Katie's baby brother

Cody grows a plant

Dany's fiesta

If you know of any others, please let me know.

edited to add:

Jessica drums


sheree said...

Sesame Street rocks!! I knew they were big on including children of all needs on the show, but I had never seen one with a child with Ds. How refreshing!!

Thanks for sharing! Gabby and Cameron both sat here on my lap and watched each video, completely mesmerized, lol.

Cate said...

Youtube says this one:

but my computer looks blurry, I can't quite tell. I think some of the kids have DS.

Also, not online, but on one of the Old School DVDs, there's a segment where a kid with DS goes to the library with his father.

Michelle said...

Ruby just got into SS recently - she LOVES it! So we watch it a lot. & The other day Cody grows a plant was on - I was so excited!

jonashpdx said...

there's a clip of a boy swimming with dolphins that we saw on SS recently as well...

(it's an old piece but was on a more recent episode)

Archer was into sesame and signing time for a little while, especially the Elmo bits, ugh, but he's since moved on to Monsters, Inc... and the occasional Signing Time

Lisa said...

The only things that tops the denim dress are:

1. Katie learning the Boston accent

2. Dany's bowl haircut in the last video


Here's another one I found:

Molly said...

I know there was a kid with DS in Elmo's World, in the episode I watched today.

Also, I have SO seen the Katie's baby clip before. Probably back in the 80s when I watched SS. My lil babysitting charge is madly in love with Elmo, so I am getting reintroduced.

Karly said...

Huge, huge SS fans here. I think Jason Kingsley (Emily Perl's son) was featured in quite a few episodes. Here's one: