Monday, December 21, 2009

All We're Missing is an Olan Mills Stamp

We were trying to recreate a cheesy holiday shot, complete with sweaters, a (faux) fur throw, and a blazing fire in the background, but what we actually got was, well, this:

Flirting with her Auntie's beau. Check out the head toss. She's a pro.

Mama's Punkin' Unkin'.


Tricia said...

LOVe these!!!! Especially the one of you and D! Were you DIVING into these after hitting self timer or did someone take them for you???

Lacia said...

You guys crack me up! LOVE IT!

Heidi said...

Too cute! Love the head toss. She's getting so big!

Michelle said...

Wow, I have too many favorites!! I wondered same thing as T - did you set a timer or have help?

(And man, that little girl is a FLIRT!!!)

sheree said...

okay, so this just totally made my day. Haha!!!

Love it!

My name is Sarah said...

Very cute pictures:)