Tuesday, December 29, 2009


BD has this week off from school, as does Playette, so they're out enjoying the day. First, they went out to breakfast and now they're grocery shopping, followed by who-knows-what.

It makes me happy, their relationship. It's awesome and just what I wanted for any daughter of mine.

When I was younger, single, and childless, I would sit sometimes and think of what I wanted in a future partner. Humor, ambition, common values...all things I desired. But even higher on my list was "potential to be a good father." It's a trait that I admire more than almost any other and one that, if it doesn't exist, is the quickest turn-off imaginable. (Why do some women even bother with men who have proven to be bad fathers? I don't get that.)

So, anyway, I'm glad my daughter has a daddy that adores her, that she loves right back, and I can only hope that it continues for the rest of their lives.


ks_kristi said...

I gotta say it is one of the many qualities I admire about BD too! I think the only thing above that would be how in-love he is with you!!!

sheree said...

Awww. Daddys little girl :x

Michelle said...

BD and Playette are both so lucky to have each other; what a wonderful relationship!

Happy new year to you guys!