Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Ok, so maybe I like it here a little.

I realize that I've complained about where we live from time to time over the last two years, but as I sit here 3000 miles away from the "winter wonderland" that is the east coast of the United States, where I spent most of my life, well, I realize that flip flops in December aren't such a bad thing. I don't miss snow. At all.

*commence throwing of rotten tomatoes*

Granted, the summers over there are actual summers and we'll still be wearing corduroys in July, but I guess it's all about balance. You take the good with the bad and there's always gonna be something.

I know this thought is not super-profound or unique, but it's what's on my mind.

I loved Lisa's article on "What is Normal?" and it makes me wonder "What is Perfect?" and why do I begrudge the fact that I'm not if no one else is either.


I guess all the hosting we've been doing lately is just bringing me to a point of appreciation for where were are. This moment. Not where we were or where we're going to be.

I like now.

It's not so bad.


Peaches323 said...

Well said Mrs. Smith-Smith. I am proud of you. Now text me some pretty pictures so I can at least pretend to be warm.

Tricia said...

This makes me happy.

Except. Maryland needs you.

ashley said...

We are having the 5th unseasonably and definitely un-Texanly cold winter in a row down here. The older I get, the colder I get, and I am DONE with cold, windy, and damp. EXCEPT for the fact that we happen to be enjoying the first white Christmas in DFW since 1920, and I just sent my children out to play in the snow at 10pm on Christmas Eve. Now THAT is pretty cool.

But by tomorrow, I will totally be over it...
Merry Christmas!