Thursday, December 10, 2009

Next up...

I was trying to decide what to post first and then settled on going in chrono order.

That means it's time for race pics.

Pre-race pose. I don't know what we're supposed to be showing off here.

Hanging out at the starting line. It was coollld.

FNPT and I in the corral. She's typically a much faster runner than I am, but she agreed to keep me company and get me water and yell at me stuff. How awesome is that?!

Where's Crittle?

Mile 2ish.

Mile 8ish. We almost took each other out coming around that curve.

Some of our entertainment. Check out the awesome weather we got that day.

Coming around the bend. Note all the walkers surrounding me. I was not in any danger of winning this race, but dang it, I was gonna finish strong.

And then I noticed the camera and became deliriously giddy.

Race over, FNPT and I grabbed some snacks. At this point, I realized how much pain I was in. She wanted me to keep walking. I, on the other hand, wanted to curl up in a ball in the middle of the parking lot.

The Littlest One.

Post-race posing.

As I've mentioned before, prior to last spring, running was only something that I thought about doing. And they were never really nice thoughts either. I resented running and it hated me right back. I was sure of it.

Well, one day I decided to try. And then try again. I'd tried before, but the trying again part was what I had trouble with. Previously, every time I felt defeated, I moved on to something else. So this time I kept going. First, a few yards at a time Then, a quarter mile. Pretty soon, those quarters started turning into a mile. Then multiple miles. I complained and I cried (really, and more than once), but I kept coming back.

My body has changed (I was carrying 25 more lbs back when I started than I am now), my confidence has been boosted, and I'm actually proud of myself for once. I'm seeing the self I used to be and it feels good.

So, maybe I can encourage one person. I hope so at least. It doesn't have to be running. Maybe you've always had something, anything, that you just kept meaning to do but it seemed too hard.

Maybe now's the time to try it. And then try again.


Lacia said...

I still think you're way awesome! I think I told you my SIL is pressuring me to run a 1/2 marathon in the spring, but I wasn't sure I could do it. After reading about you doing it, I think I'm going to go for it! I hope it won't be too hot though, running in the cold is much better. Right now the am temps when I run are in the 30's. Right now I'm in Orlando and I went running yesterday am and it was 77! I lasted 20 minutes and that was it. WAY too hot! Now I realize you're probably laughing at me saying that 77 was too hot, but when you're used the 30's it's a totaly heatwave! LOL

Cate said...

you rock.

I'll have you know that this morning, you made me go do my stupid stupid horrible 30 day shred dvd. Sure, I stuffed a chocolate chip cookie in my mouth on my way up to do it, but I did it. So thanks.

we'll see if I can keep it up. I'm trying to get into running, but it's 15 degrees and snowy out, so...not today.

Wendy P said...

you. are. awesome. and then some.

Sonia said...

That is so AMAZING! I want to be a runner too, but I can never get past 3 miles! I'll have to use you as another inspiration...but like you, I have lost some weight with my running! I am 20lbs down!!!! I need to catch up with you...literally!!!!

sheree said...

girl- you are looking AMAZING!! Have you reached your goal weight yet? Looks like it!

I am starting a running regimen on wednesday, and YES- you had something to do with this decision ;)