Friday, January 1, 2010

I Wonder...

Back in November, I posted about a chance encounter with a woman on a similar parenting journey to my own.

Today, I read an article about a young man who fits the description of her son.

I wish now that I had continued to walk with them that day. That I had asked her name, or his, so that I could be positive that this is him.

Regardless, a nice story.

If you'll be watching the Rose Bowl today, be sure to check the sideline for Seth Ford.

Go, Ducks!


Michelle said...

I love the phrase they use in the article, "the overdose of the 21st chromosome that brought Seth into the world with Down syndrome."

Better than he "Suffers from DS"

ks_kristi said...

I bet that was them...crazy how big the world is and how small it is:-)

My name is Sarah said...

This is a great story even though I am a huge Buckeye fan. I am going to put it on my blog. Thank you.