Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bah Hum...oh, forget it.

We put up a tree the other night and I must admit...I love it.

It's sooo pretty and Playette hasn't even tried to tear it down yet so that must be a sign that it's meant to be there.

The last time we put up a tree was in 2006. BD and I were newlyweds and we thought we had the perfect idea of how to tell our parents that we were expecting their first grandchild.

In short, we did it with an ornament.

Ok, so maybe it was more my idea. And it was dorky.

Hey, it worked.

The Christmas after that one, we had just completed a cross-country move so we decided to take up some family friends on their offer to spend the holidays with them.

Then, last year, we opted to get away from everything. So we had a different type of tree.

Now, though, it just seems like the spirit of celebration is back upon me. And before the holiday even. Typically, at the very best, I'm a late bloomer when it comes to this type of thing. You know how some people are all Christmas-happy while they're trick-or-treating? Well, I'm more of a January enthusiast, if anything.

You know, when stuff is cheaper and the pressure is off.

We had bought a tree either last year or the year before (I can't remember), after they were on super-sale at the Depot, and it just sat in its box ever since. So BD opened it up and, with the help of his sister, got to work assembling it while I tried to remember where everything else got stashed.

After a few minutes in the garage, I found most, if not all, of the decorations. I'm sure there must be more (I thought I had stuff that I had made as a kid somewhere and even some of the more sentimental things from my childhood, but those still elude me), but we're good for now.

Apparently, at some point, I bought winter-themed towels, a table runner, way too many gift card holders, and tons of glitter-dripping ornaments via two well-stocked kits as well as some impulse buys at the Hallmark display. Even I can't resist "magic"! And by "magic" they mean that it plays the SportsCenter theme song when you push a button. We balanced that purchase out with some classics. Don't worry.

All that to say, I really do love my tree. It's fake and pre-lit with dazzling white lights. There's a funky gold star that remains just a little bit askew, no matter what. There are noticeably no decorations within reach of a near-three-foot-tall person.

We're all covered in silver glitter and it's fabulous.