Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Some More Signs

Ok, so my daughter officially has me beat. She knows way more signs than I do now. I'm having

Here's an update before I forget:

brush teeth

She even attempts to finger spell 'pen' and 'glue', which is just hilarious to watch because she can't sign letters yet. She moves her fingers around though, so, yeah. She kinda gets the concept, though even I can't tell what she means unless it's in the context of watching a ST episode. We won't count those just yet.

Which reminds me of something. While I think it's great that Playette is picking things up quickly, and I love when she makes people's jaws drop when she signs words like 'principal', I don't know...should she be signing words when she doesn't really know what they mean? I wonder what the point is, though...would I even be asking this if she were saying 'principal'?


Probably not.

I do point out the daycare director and tell her that she's her principal though. Hopefully she's making a connection.

But, if not? Whatever. She's happy so I'm happy.

Aaand my baby girl just came over and signed 'more mama' while reaching up. Post over.


Lacia said...

That is just awesome. Kaia surpassed me in the signing department rather quickly too! And you know, she may not (or maybe she does) know what principal is, but she can still build her vocabulary....that's how she learns. When Kaia was around 3, she was in her speech session and her ST was showing her differnt pictures of animals. She came to a picture of an eagle, and asked Kaia what it was. Kaia signed Eagle. Her ST wasn't familiar with that sign and asked me what she was signing, and I told her she was signing eagle (I hadn't seen the card she was looking at). Her ST said "Wow...all I wanted from her is to say or sign bird...I don't know many 3 year olds who know what an eagle is!". GO SIGNING TIME! lol.

sheree said...

are you kidding me?! Principal?!

You rock, Malea.

Wendy P said...

"more mama" is awesome! She's a smarty pants, that one.