Thursday, April 30, 2009

Blame It

Do you know who Jamie Foxx is? If not, or if you're really angry at him because of his comments about Miley, feel free to bypass this post.

If you're still reading...

You may have heard his name at least once since he won an Oscar for his lead role in Ray. But if you're not a fan of Hip-Hop(ish)/R&B, then you may not realize that he's also a singer and a musician and a comedian.

He also has a sister with Ds. Her name is Diondra.

I learned this fact back during the Tropic Thunder debate last year. I read how some people were shocked that he would attend the premiere, regardless of his friends being in the movie. Admittedly, my first reaction was also disappointment since here I was with Playette and I had followed Jamie's career for so long. Even when I first saw the preview for his new movie, The Soloist, I had the thought of, "How could he be in a movie with Robert Downey Jr.? The person who uttered the lines that everyone found most offensive?"

Well, I don't know what types of conversations have transpired between those two men. I'll probably never know. But I can't help but think that Jamie loves his sister. I mean, even since then, I've come to understand what point the people behind Tropic Thunder may have been trying to make. It doesn't make me like the idea of immature people going around quoting the movie and possibly hurting a lot of people though. I'm not ok with that at all. All I'm saying is that time has opened my eyes a little more. I've watched shows like "How's Your News?" and enjoyed them. Like, really enjoyed them. I've watched the Perry brothers' "The Trouble with Syndromes" and laughed out loud (and then felt guilty, but then let myself off the hook). Honestly, I call this thing I'm going through a "journey' because it is. I am so far from where I'm going to end up. I'm sure of that. And the reason I'm so sure is because I can't even begin to see my daughter as disabled. She's behind her peers, sure, but I can't imagine her as an adult who is going to face umpteen challenges. I can't picture her as being a "defective instrument." (more on that later)

Granted that stuff I just mentioned is not for everyone, but I can appreciate what they're trying to do.

This post should not be mistaken for a glorification of crude humor or Jamie Foxx in particular. He's just a man. A man who makes a lot of money...and, of course, mistakes. I'm simply fascinated with all things Ds and he crossed my radar today. And, shoot me, I like "Blame It".

So, anyway, Diondra is in his latest video. I caught her dancing around the 2:25 mark and beyond and then at the very end, he can be seen pointing to her and saying what looks to be, "That's my sister."

My friend, Jocelyn, fresh new mama to Baby Dylan, informed me that Jamie is on the Tyra Banks show today and he mentions his sister in the interview. I'll have to set the TiVo to see that.

And at mark 5:07, he thanks her in his Oscar acceptance speech.

So, um, yeah, that's it.


Tricia said...

i admit i am already a tad weepy today, but something about JF so proudly saying "That's my sister" (who is really pretty, BTW) gets me all choked up.

jonashpdx said...

ha! i haven't seen that perryboys clip in a while, but it makes me laugh every time... though is definitely not for everyone.

As for Foxx, while I'm not a big fan, I had no idea he had a sister with Ds. Good for him for putting her in his video.

And I hope he did talk to Downey about this when they worked together. Engagement is always a good thing. But looking back at Foxx's career and where he started (Living Color, his sitcom), which often appealed to/embraced the lowest common denominator (while at the same time being one of the first shows I can remember to have, say, recurring gay characters) I can't say it surprises me that he wouldn't necessarily consider the stereotypes played with in Tropic Thunder off-limits.

I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that telling people to go to hell for using the r-word/discriminating/etc is not really the best way to make change. even though that's most often my first reaction.

thanks for posting about this.

Michelle said...

I'm with Tricia - "That's my sister!" really did me in, too. Awesome! And she looks like such a good dancer!! How cool for her to be in the video. That's a good big brother.

sheree said...

omg, you're KIDDING me!

I luuurrrve Jamie Foxx and I had NO idea he had a sister with ds. You just made my day with that little tidbit!

She is a GREAT dancer. I can't wait to show Nguyen. He'll love it!

Sonia said...

Wow...talking about a shocker! I've known about JF for how long and this is something I just didn't know about him!

Yeah, it's cool that there is one common thread between me and him...but wouldn't it be nice, maybe just a little nice if he say something more about it? I don't know...maybe he did on Oprah, which I missed. So, I'll be waiting for your input on what was said!