Friday, April 10, 2009

'member me?


I'm back.

I've been on the west coast since Tuesday night, but I think I'm still recovering from the trip. I'm overwhelmingly tired.

And then there's work. Today's my last day at this job and Monday is my first day at the next.

My grandmother remains in a state of decline, but my aunt informed me today that when she told her last night that it was ok to let go, my grandmother's reply was, "Uh uh." In a sad situation, that kinda made me smile though I wish I knew what to do. I'm kinda at a loss. Is there something we're not doing for her that she needs? Perhaps she's waiting on my (deceased) mother to "come and get" her?

My mother's always late.

I wanted to do a Flashback Friday today, but my dear, sweet BD wouldn't let me have my way with the computer last night. He was acting as if I would stay on the computer all night instead of coming to bed. I mean, seriously. Who does that?


So instead, I will break it up into two posts so that I can finish doing what I need to do when I get home this evening.

First, we have Playette's 2009 daycare pics:

The one that cracked me up and reminded me of a pageant pose.

My favorite. Tongue, drool, and all.

I can't get over how grown up she looks! Just wait 'til you see the comparison...


Sonia said...

LOL...I love the second pic! They captured all the glory of being a toddler!!!

You know you're one of my favorite people, so again, I have left you an award on my blog!

AZ Chapman said...

wow soo cute I am so sorry that u mom is no longer with u. She would have loved to meet your daughter and husband

Lacia said...

Oh my...she looks ADORABLE! I love them both!

Tricia said...

Welcome back!

LOVE those pics! LOVE LOVE LOVE!

My name is Sarah said...

OMG, she is adorable.

Lisa said...

Malea is just darling. And you know, at least she doesn't have freaking scabies ;) Hey, if you need to talk . . . about your trip, your family, whatever, I'm only an email away girlfriend.

Shelley said...

Oh my goodness....she is a DOLL!!!!
What wonderful pictures!

Peaches323 said...

Don't you have a picture just like that second one somewhere??

I am glad that you Aunt let your grandmom know that it's okay. And you are right, waiting on your momma it might not happen until next week :)

Michelle said...

Hey thanks for the update. Hope you're holding together well as you can ... those pictures are AWESOME! I love the drool; we're drowning in drool around here.

Anonymous said...

Oh my...she is so darn cute!!!!!

sheree said...

oh my goodness! Those pictures are AWESOME! I love them!!!

Michelle said...

I love these pics of her - adorable!