Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Back in the Swing of Things

Well, I know we're back at least. The swinging part? Eh. I need more time.

I woke up this morning and I actually felt ok. It was a whirlwind of a weekend, but things went alright overall.

Playette remains an amazing plane rider.

Either that or something's really, really wrong with her. Like her body can't handle the pressure change or the elevation or something. She tends to fall asleep almost immediately after takeoff and stays that way for the duration. Someone needs to do a study on that.

So, yeah, no problems out of her.

We arrived at the Philadelphia airport at about 6:30 Saturday morning. It was a rough flight. The agent that helped me secure the tickets surely thought he was doing me a favor by placing BD right next to me, but no. My husband and I have no problem being apart for 5 hours. So putting us in row 24, in the window and middle seats? Well, we didn't exactly love it. I thought I was going to beak out in a panic about 3 minutes after we took our seats. The back corner of the plane is so not my friend. And then you put a squirming, 98+ degree toddler on me when there's no cool air circulating? Ugh.

But, anyway, we made it safely and that's what really matters. I've mentioned before about my new found pseudo-fear of flying (that seems highly irrational after flying on my own for almost 30 years with no problems), so survival is a good thing. I'll take it.

I had been worried about how Saturday would go for some time. For one, my family that I'd be seeing had never met Playette. Even BD had only experienced a very brief introduction. So, I really didn't know what would happen and I was paranoid. Would they be afraid of her? Would they make rude comments without even realizing it?

The good thing is that none of that happened. Playette won everyone over from the get-go and my family was great with her.

Of course there was other stuff that was less than desirable, but compared to my last trip it was fine.

Playette's outfit for the service came together beautifully.

I even got to see my very good friend Jocelyn again. Remember her from her post? Playette was the size she was in that photo the last time they had seen one another, so them getting some time together was a very cool consequence.

My aunt outdid herself with cooking enough good food to feed a small town while we were there and I'm sure I gained a few pounds just from lemon cake and cream cheese brownies alone.

We arrived home yesterday to a heat wave of sorts. It got up to almost 90 degrees and I was loving it.

Trust me, that never happens here. Which is why hardly anyone has AC. But I was even happy to tough that out. I mean, last night, I walked outside at almost 9 and remembered what it was like to have summer: sitting on the porch talking, enjoying good company...that's what I miss.

And then we had our IFSP meeting today.

Later for that.


Michelle said...

I'm glad things went a little better than expected w/Playette meeting your family and all...and that overall the trip was an uneventful as it could be; although I'm sorry for your loss and the reason for the trip.