Friday, May 1, 2009

Shopping, Eating, Writing

I hate shopping for clothes. Really, I do. And not just because I'm not happy with my size right now either. I never really have liked to spend time in stores, trying on clothes. I think I may have at one point, when I was a kid, but after I learned that you're supposed to put the clothes back on the hanger when you're done? Eh. It became more like work and that took all the fun out of it for me.

I'm known to be a pretty frugal person. It's no secret. I don't make impulse buys. I love setting budgets and sticking to them is even better. When I had more time on my hands, I used to go through my bank statements line by line, verifying that there were no random charges. Nothing got by me.

These days I'm lucky BD tells me when my paycheck has been deposited. Really, I wouldn't even know. Which is kinda sad because money management used to be like a hobby of mine. Years ago, I was even interviewed on MSN Money. Topic: being frugal. I got some really cute pictures out of the deal. If it were still online (and I've looked - nada), I'd link to it.

But you know what? When it comes to stuff for Playette, I'm spending like crazy lately. I don't give it a second thought. Where other women may have a thing for shoes or clothes or makeup or whatever, I will continue to wear my "Friday pants" or good sweatpants (depending on the occasion) if that means I can get interesting things that will benefit Playette, either in a direct or round-about way, in two clicks.

My most recent purchase was Emma's Gifts. I'd browsed the website before, during Playette's first year, I'm sure, but it took a reminder or two to lead me back. I'm really looking forward to watching it!


Playette has decided to go on a hunger strike, which is frustrating me to no end.

Remember how good of an eater she used to be? Well, apparently that food was going into a pit somewhere or not being absorbed or something because Little Miss P has not been gaining any weight. Like, seriously. She plateaued at 19 lbs about 6 months ago.

I remember back to when she was first born and we worried and worried and worried about her weight. Every ml of milk was documented. The time, the amount, the time, the amount, the time, the amount. When we ran out of sheets, we copied more.

Even when it seemed that she was making good progress and had doubled her birth weight at 6 months, we continued to log the time, the amount. I can't really explain why, but it was hard to stop. Even if we took a break for a day, something would bring us right back to logging the feedings again.

Well, those days are long gone and now look where we are!

Since we don't know what's going on yet, we were advised to start pumping the PediaSure into her in the meantime. We started out with one serving a day.

And now she's addicted to PediaSure. And is refusing food.

Oh, and she's spitting up because she's gorging herself on the stuff.

Apparently, she finds it quite tasty.

Great, huh?

Unfortunately, she didn't get the memo that said that the PediaSure was supposed to supplement her meals, not replace them.

I have to laugh to keep from crying.

New plan:

Give her the PediaSure before bed so that it doesn't accidentally fill her up too close to mealtime.

Go see a GI to make sure there are no underlying issues.

Go see a Cardiologist to make sure that her heart isn't doing something funky and unexpected that's leading her not to "thrive".

And just for fun, go see an ENT. Hey, why not. As long as we're keeping busy, let's make sure there's no fluid building up in her ears that's inhibiting her speech development.

And I guess we should add in a visit to the dentist too. Those two teeth are still all we've got and it's high time they get some care (even though they're still coming through ever so slloowwwly).

Endo and Ds Clinic appointments have already been made for the summer.

And now I'm off to write up the IFSP that I've been procrastinating about all week. Bah.


Mommy to those Special Ks said...

:) I am SOOOO the same way with clothes. My kids will ALWAYS be better dressed than me! LOL

Lisa Lindsey said...

I'm with you on sporting the "nice" sweats and being tight on the budget, but spending like crazy online for toys, oral motor tools, books, etc. that all have the purpose of aiding Sheridan's development. I need to reign in my "add to cart" clicker finger!