Monday, February 1, 2010

More on "Blame It"

Last spring, I posted about Jamie Foxx and his sister, Diondra.

Well, they're in the news again. This time, for the Grammy Awards, which aired last night.

So, in case you haven't seen it, here's the performance (Diondra comes out and dances at the end, hard to see if you don't keep your eyes peeled at around 3:30 and after).

[sidenote for the hip hop heads: I cracked up at all the shots of Jay-Z during the autotune-filled performance. Like they were waiting for him to look mad and storm out of the room or something. C'mon now. He's off that.]

And here's a red carpet interview where she fawns over Nick Cannon. I got a kick out of that. Why? Well, it just seems like such an adult crush. And she articulated it so well, while also being sure to graciously congratulate him on his marriage to Mariah Carey.


Wendy P said...

LOVED the red carpet interview. Very cool.

datri said...

Thanks for sharing that! Had to post it on FB!

Jen said...

I love how she was all "Nick Cannon is the greatest guy in the world," not at all self-conscious or anything. The whole thing was awesome.

sheree said...

I just watched that over on Sarah's blog and I was cracking up! She DID articulate so well and when she busted a move on the red carpet?? I loved it!