Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sick Daze

Playette wasn't feeling well last weekend, but she was having so much fun with her new friends (more on that soon) that she really didn't crash until she was back at daycare on Monday. BD went and picked her up early and she's been home ever since.

Which means that I've been home ever since.

Big ups to SAHMs everywhere.

Well, except that rich lady on RHoOC. If you watch, you know the one. Not that they're all not really, really irritating.


Check out what happened when I tried to keep the Littlest occupied with some activities.

Thanks again, Phamily, for the wonderful birthday gift. She doesn't pass out every time she plays with it, promise!


My name is Sarah said...

Oh that is so sweet.

Brooke Z said...

This is GREAT! You are just too much fun, Mommy!!!! :) I wish I was the kind of SAHM like the "one" on RHOC! HAAAA Instead Im the budgeting, meal planning, nap-time loving kind.

Wendy P said...

l'il punkin'! I hope she feels better soon!

sheree said...

poor girl! Glad she digs her tadoodles when she IS feeling well ;)

The Sanchez Family said...

I gotta check out those Tadoodles!!! So darn cute!!!!!

Karly said...

That is some harsh parenting when you force your kid to pass out from too much fun. ;)

Michelle said...

aaww :( you can tell she didn't feel well!