Wednesday, February 3, 2010

And now...more on OJT

A few weeks ago, I talked about doing hair.

Exciting, I know.

I could probably come up with something to say about wrangling Playette's hair every week.

I don't though. And I won't. Promise.

But I came across these photos that were taken about two months ago. I was so proud of my little creation that I had to document it. (We were folding clothes at the time.)

So, these pics are for the people I promised to show these to and then forgot.



Bag Ladies Reality Radio said...

Impressive. I have two girls so I understand the trials and tribulations when it comes to trying to maintain their hair so they don't walk around looking like who would've thought. It's amazing to look at where I started w/ no hair wrangling capabilities to now. Thx for sharing!

My name is Sarah said...

Peek a boo to you too:)

Tricia said...

We have that glider! And that book! And that hamper! Do do do do<---- scary song.

Love her hair!

Also got your VM late tonight! Thanks, Chicky! Try again soon!!!!

Lacia said...

Very impressive! No way could I come close to doing that!

Lisa said...

Man, that looks like a lotta work! Very impressive results though. I can barely get mine to keep still for run-of-the-mill pigtails.

Michelle Z said...

Good grief, she's cute!!

And her hair looks amazing! It must take a long time to do that?

Fi Oh Na! said...

Ooohh her hair looked fabulous! Well done mummy! :)

Michelle said...


AZ Chapman said...

so cute I just had my first pearm a right of passage in our curtal