Friday, February 5, 2010

Get Thee to a Winery

I like Hamlet. Don't hate.

So, BD had a birthday recently. The big 3-3. I know he wasn't expecting a big to-do, which made it that much more fun to surprise him.

A group of friends agreed to participate in a wine trolley ride with us. I'd long heard how fun these tours were, and BD is a big wine lover, so it seemed the perfect time to give it a try.

BD became suspicious when the babysitter showed up at 10 am on a Sunday. Not exactly her typical shift. Then, one of his friends showed up. Hm. Not exactly his typical shift either. We headed downtown and then I think it all started to click. It was time to partay!

At our first of five winery stops, BD proved what a dedicated student of the liq he is.

I was busy taking pictures of the pretty wine bottles. See that spittoon there? I thought it was for decorative purposes only. So I didn't use it. I really enjoyed Ventana vineyards. Way more than I needed to. Lesson learned.

I can never get a serious pic out of him, but I like this one.

Our ride. There is nothing better than being driven around, lemme tell ya. First thing I would do if I hit it big? Hire a driver. Trolley optional.

We had a great lunch in the garden of one of our next stops. I had to take a picture of Dwayne's lunch. Because people calling BD by the wrong name is funny to me.

I wanted to buy this shirt for about 15 people, but since I'm not wealthy I took a pic to share instead.

Group shot before heading home. By this time, I was feeling quite sassy saucy.

BD thought we were all done when the tour was over, but nope. We had all the trolley-riding folks, plus some, over for a pizza and brew themed extravaganza. I'm not much for party planning, but this seemed to work just fine for my ability level. I even got him a cake!

And I took a picture of it. Because people calling BD by the wrong name is funny to me.


Kelli said...

What an AWESOME party idea! That's so up my alley!!

Christina M said...

Looks like fun, and hehehe that shirt huh ;)

Anonymous said...

haha, dwayne cleofus wayne

Michelle said...

now that looks like a fun way to spend a birthday! Happy birthday BD!

Wendy P said...

Lurve the saucy shirt! ;)

Great job on the party planning!

Michelle Z said...

That cake! Hehehehe

And the shirt! Love!

Good party planning, Saucy!

Karly said...

Add another to the "love the shirt" club, Saucy. Happy Birthday to BD, no matter how you choose to spell it. ;)

Tricia said...

GREAT shirt! And you have a lot of friends! And did they really mess that name up or did you tell them to call him Dwiggit???

a-hahahahahhahahahahhahahah SO funny!

Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughting! Please tell me you gave the baker the name Dwiggit and that they did not do that on their own! You make me laugh and smile! Thanks! Andrea