Thursday, February 18, 2010

But Wait, There's More!

Our trip to LA didn't end with the I'm Down with You shoot.

Right after we were done there, we headed straight to visit Lisa and her family. This was our second visit, the first being last July.

It's always so much fun to hang out with them. I am so happy to be around this family. I know that sounds hokey, but seriously. I find big families fascinating. Not in a "put them in a petri dish" kind of way, but more like the kind of envious longing that comes from just never having lived that kind of life before. In Lisa's house...six kids seems so do-able. Now, I know we're "company" and the kids surely test their parents more than they do me, but still. I like the feeling of being a part of a group. And the activity. The sheer diversity of it all. So many personalities. And then I imagine what it will be like twenty years from now, during the holidays and such. It's pretty awesome.

No contradictions outta you, Lisa. Let me live in my visit-every-so-often fantasy world, k? ;-P

All of that activity does mean that it's hard to get a good picture sometimes, but I can live with that.

Baby Swap 2.0

Just because I feel like gushing more about their kids, who are so extremely kind and welcoming to my Littlest, five-year-old Daisy drew this portrait of Playette, which currently holds a place of honor on our fridge:

I love the detail of her hairstyle and the objects she was carrying around in her hand an the time. There was no help from any of the grown-ups with the name spelling either.

And thirteen-year-old Kevin? Well, check him out standing up for his little brother and any other people offended by the use of the r-word here:

Kevin will be giving this speech at his school early next month. While it's not related to our visit, I still wanted to share this here because I'm really proud of him.

So, in the quest to top the last visit, this time we ventured out to dinner. When Lisa asked if I was open to that idea, what do you think I said?

I am such a dork. The only one cheesing like we were on a grand prize cruise or something. I am also the only one not seated next to children that need much assistance. All part of my fantasy.

I love this pic of Finn:

When we left the restaurant, it was like a parade! (tee hee)

Lisa, you can totally laugh at me now. I deserve it.

BTW, Lisa wrote a great post about having a big family here.


Lisa said...

Well, aren't you something? I love you. Really. And I can't wait to see you guys again :)

Sonia said...

I love that you have the biggest smile in the group picture at the restaurant!