Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Experience: I'm Down with You

I know that many people "in the Ds know" are aware of this project, but this may be new info for others.

From the time I first saw the video and website months ago, I've been excited for the day I'd be able to purchase this book. It's important for me to have Playette see people that look like her, beautiful and capable and in the public eye. She already has a nice collection of books showing people with all kinds of differences and I'm Down with You will be a welcome addition.


By the way...

I highly recommend these books for all children, because, really?...They're gonna run into people that don't look or live just like them at some point and wouldn't you want your kid/niece/nephew/grandchild/friend's kid to be informed and just be able to go with the flow? [/soapbox]


So, imagine my elation when Playette was invited to participate in one of the final photo shoots for the book!

We didn't hesitate with an affirmative response and a couple of weeks ago we packed up the car and headed down to LA.

She played shy at first so I had to sit with her on my lap while the pictures were being taken. We practiced signing to take her mind off of all the attention. Here she's showing the photographer one of her favorites: music.

We had a great time hanging out after Playette was done. There were other families present and talking to them and meeting their children was so much of the experience.

I told BD that we were leaving at least three times over two hours. It was so hard to walk away. (And not because it was special-special. It's just nice to be around people who I can tell without hesitancy that Playette will be three in June and not just "two" when asked how old she is because I don't want to hear the, "Oh. Well. She's so tiny," or the "She's not talking?")

We also met Katelyn, which was awesome for me because that little girl's face got me through a rough time after Playette was born. Seeing her on the Toys R Us catalog did something for me that I hope seeing Playette will do for others. I was inspired and it was an honor to be able to share that with her parents.

I didn't get a picture of Playette with Katelyn (they were both having too much fun to stop and pose), but I did get a couple of other opportunities.

At one point when I was chatting away, another parent came up to me and said something along the lines of, "I thought you might like to know that Sharon Stone is in the other room playing with your daughter."

And that she was. For a really long time, too. They got along quite well.

We also had the pleasure of meeting Lauren Potter of recent Glee fame. She told us that she started back filming the week prior so we can look forward to seeing her on the show again when the new episodes air.

Now that all of the photos for the book have been taken, the work begins on choosing just the right shots and putting it all together for final production.

I'll be sure to keep you posted as I learn more details and you'll see me cheesin' from here if Playette actually makes it in the book.


Jessica said...

WOW! That's really really cool! And Sharon Stone too. I am green with envy :) What a great oppurtunity.

Michelle Z said...

Wow, look at your girl! She's hanging w/celebs like the best of them!

I'm so glad to hear Lauren will be back on Glee! Can't wait to see.

And keep us posted about the book! Of course I think M should get in there, but I might be biased!!

Wendy P said...

Well, Malea is a total superstar, for real. You are both gorgeous!!!

AZ Chapman said...

what an awsome experence

sheree said...

WHAT THE?!! Holy cow that is SO exciting!! Can't wait to see your little starlett when all is said and done ;)

Michelle said...

what a neat experience and opportunity!! and of course Playette will be in the finished product- how could she not!?

Kelli said...

Wow, this is so amazing! I had chills looking through the website, the videos, the photos! Your little girl is so adorable!

Tricia said...

Look...It's my time right now...you know...OTM? But I just want you to know I love you and your girlie and not just because she's going to be famous. Okay?


Mindy said...

WOW! You guys are famous! Can't wait to hear all about Malea making it in the book! We all know she will :)

Jen said...

What a wonderful experience, and how neat that M has the opportunity to be in the book, and inspire other kids!

Also, be sure to tell Danielle about metting Lauren Potter. She'll squee your ears off!

Ruby's Mom said...


Maya said...

I CANNOT wait for this book.

I want to give it to everyone I know. And the fact that I am going to know one of the celebs in the book (Malea, of course) makes it that much more exciting!