Monday, February 8, 2010


Timothy Schriver must have a dedicated red phone for this stuff by now.

Good grief.

You know, I try to refrain from political conversations on this blog for a few reasons. One is because the division of the Ds community does none of us any good. I've seen good people get hurt by daring to disagree with a portion of their readers. [Why attack someone for that?] Also, one of the few lessons I retain from my upbringing is that I shouldn't talk about politics in mixed company (along with salary and a couple of other things). People have reasons for believing what they believe and I respect that.

I'm saying though.

I posted about this.

And about this.

So it's only fair that I'm posting about this.

Why aren't her supporters expressing their disappointment? I know that the Ds community is fraught with people that connect with her via her son Trig, who happens to have Ds, and flat-out adore her, but I haven't seen one post today that says, "Wow, she really let us down here," or even a simple "I don't agree."

I wouldn't expect you to stop loving her, if that's the way you swing, but a little acknowledgement might go a long way. It would with me at least.

So I'll say it.

I'm appalled. Disappointed just doesn't cut it.

We're in the midst of a movement. People are listening. People are watching. No one, not even a person who's supposed to be on your team (whether that means the same political party or the same diagnosis), is supposed to get a pass for doing or saying something that contradicts the forward progress of the collective.

This is about our children. And the way that everyone treats them.

It's not ok.

Or am I missing something?

I mean, this was satire, too, right?


Molly said...

I hadn't heard about that Palin thing. I'm appalled too. THANK YOU for shedding light on that. If people are going to let anyone slide it's palin. She can't be touted as a voice for the DS community if she's not going to stand up against the R word.

Molly said...

The bottom line is that the r word is hurtful no matter WHO says it. I love Obama, but I was disappointed when he made the special olympics comment. Just like I was disappointed when a dear guy friend said it. Regardless of who says it, it's wrong.

Carrie said...

Wow. Hadn't heard this one. The R-word is off limits. All.The.Time. She should know that. Shame on her.

sheree said...

I can't try to understand this no matter how hard I try. I give MANY people passes on a daily basis; friends, family, etc that may not have thought before they spoke. But Palin? Really? I can't imagine EVER being okay with the word...EVER! It's infuriating to know that a person such as herself would ever "okay" the word. It makes me unbelievably sad.

My name is Sarah said...

Oh I just did a post on this. She is making me mad these days. I think she needs an advisor, a good one, who can help her sort through her agenda and learn to think before she talks.

Jen said...

I just posted a link to the the story about Palin on FB, and if you don't mind, I'm posting a link to this as well. I'm furious about the whole thing.

JRS said...

The silence from Palin supporters is deafening. I'm losing respect for friends as the minutes click by while no one says a word. These are the same friends who were first in line to condemn Obama and Emanuel and even Limbaugh. I guess Palin is off limits and THAT has me the most saddened in all of this. Family BEFORE politics people. Thanks for popping by my little blog.

Lisa said...

No passes. EVER.

Michelle said...

I just. don't. get. it. I really don't. I don't understand her thought process on Limbaugh...did I miss something here? Do I need to see all of Limbaugh's report to 'get it' was it taken out of context that I don't know about? Sigh...very disappointed.

ds.mama said...

Hey lady, have you met this family?