Sunday, February 28, 2010


So I took Playette shoe shopping today. I was guessing that it was time. She was falling all over the place and I figured it was another one of her ways of telling us that her feet attire were due for an upgrade.

(Please don't worry. She's fine.)

So off to the outlets we went.

Wait. That makes it sound too simple.

Actually, there was an early wake up, lots of laundry, kitchen cleaning, hair doing, room straightening, and toddler chasing. So our morning jaunt had to wait until after lunch. Which didn't go well because apparently the cucumbers that she eats at daycare all the time are poisonous at home and macaroni and cheese is disgusting after three mouthfuls.

Which, seriously? They're not. I know because I ate everything she didn't eat and it was wonderful.[/bad habit]


As soon as humanly possible, I gently placed my hysterical child in her carseat, started driving, and five minutes later she was out.

I let her sleep long after I parked the car so that I could enjoy the nice breeze and the first few pages of my new-to-me book.

It wasn't long enough, but whatever. I tried not to be greedy.

Thankfully, the store wasn't too crowded. We got her measured and I got to looking for what was available in her size. Not much, actually.

I ended up with these:

Which...are cute, I guess. But very pink.

I mean, I'm ok with pink to a certain extent, but it's not my favorite choice as everyday-wear. I prefer options, but there just weren't that many.

Playette loved them though and off she ran, around and around the store, laughing and looking back every so often to make sure I was still chasing her and begging the forgiveness of everyone else in her path.

It was when I caught her that I noticed that there was a whole 'nother wall o' shoes! In her size even. I've been shopping at this particular store for quite some time. Why hadn't I seen them before?

Oh. Because they're boy shoes.

Good grief.

So the toddler shoes aren't all kept together?

They're gender segregated?

Boo and Noted.

I know that girls typically get more variety in clothes, but the boys surely aren't lacking in the shoe department. I saw lots of stuff I liked on that side.

So Playette got these, too:

And suddenly all felt right with the world.

I'm such a rebel.


Brooke Z said...

Both choices get a thumbs up from me! You are right - there are lots and lots of boy shoes. I have a shoe issue...see since I dont have any girls to buy all the cutie clothes for....I spend all my money on a million pairs of shoes for Blake. Weird, I know, but hey, its my thing:)

Tricia said...

I love boys shoes and get them for G fact Ialso tend to like them for me!

A Lady Called Amy said...

HA! I was just mentioning to a friend the other day how boy shoes are better than girl shoes. Even for adults. I still ended up with a pair of purple sneakers for myself, but that's b/c they were cheaper. ;-)

Maya said...

I LOVE the red shoes. I have never seen those! Good call!

And laughing about the cucmbers that are poison at home. We must get our vegetables at the same store because ours are all poisonous at home too!

And reading a book in a warm breeze? NICE.

Karly said...

Yep, I often buy boys shoes, as I am not a big fan of frilly, flowers or sparkles. Good move, Playette! And nice kicks. ;)

sheree said...

super cute!! I especially love the "boy shoes." ;)

Life with Kaishon said...

I love both pairs. They are so cute : ). I miss having a toddler. Sometimes when I visit blogs with little kids it makes me sad. I keep asking my husband if we can have one and he keeps saying 'let's wait.' Apparently he wants us to be in our nineties when we have a baby.