Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well, if this ain't typical...

...I just don't know what is.

It's hard to believe that it's June already. Playette will be two in a matter of weeks. It's even acceptable to count it in days at this point.


What happened to the baby?

All good things for sure.

Things that I couldn't imagine as I sat in the hospital room, trying desperately to digest this supposed diagnosis. (Not that I was in denial for long, but if you've been in my shoes, you probably remember what it felt like to hold onto that thin strand of hope that they were wrong about your baby...even though you might have known deep down that they were right.)

Back then, I couldn't conceive of things like walking and talking and playing and dancing and friends.

Things like pretending and laughing and exploring.

Things like hugging and kissing and learning.

Things like...tearing my house up from ground to about three feet above it.

Need examples?

DVDs - taken out of the cabinet that we bought especially to keep her out of the DVDs, throwing them all over the floor, and maybe spitting up on a few for good measure.

CDs - off the shelves, opened, flung around the office like frisbees. I consider it inspiration to finally put everything on iTunes.

Dishtowels and oven mitts - out of the drawers and strewn in strange places. If you're even in our living room and find you need an oven mitt right away? Never fear.

Socks and shoes - off the feet at the first opportunity. Thrown wherever.

Toilet paper - who says it belongs on the roll? Looks better on the floor. Or in her mouth.

Trash cans - contents explored and/or dumped.

Toilet - perfect for bib storage if we've been absent-minded enough to leave the lid up.

Cell phones - picked up to say "Hiiiiii" and then thrown. We have insurance, thankfully.

Remote control - picked up and put somewhere that I can never reach, like under the middle of the bed.

Diapers, dirty clothes (eww), toys, etc. - out of the baskets they belong in and taken wherever seems appropriate at the time.


The thing about Ds is it changes your perspective so very much. "Terrible Two's"? Not today at least. I'm actually thrilled with all that she's doing and I just can't hug her enough.

Not to say that I love walking in an endless circle of picking up crap, but in the summer of 2007, I was convinced that my daughter would be unable to do much of anything, at best. Worst case scenario was that I would be afraid of her, right along with everyone else. But that couldn't be farther from the truth. Really.

Mama's little Unkin' is growing up.


Wendy P said...

Oh, I needed a post a like this! Happy almost birthday almost 2 year old! Tear it up, baby!

AZ Chapman said...

oh boy the two's are acomeing lol happy b day

AZ Chapman said...

oh boy the two's are acomeing lol happy b day

DownTownDan said...

Hey Chrystal, I found you on my blog. I think I've run into your name a few other places today as well. Damn fine blog you've got here. Really great work. And thanks for mentioning me - I didn't know you had done that until just now. It's a pleasure to meet you. I'll pop over for a visit now and then.

Anonymous said...

Dear Chrystal,

Thank you so much for this beautiful post.

LOVE the last paragraphs :)


Mindy said...

I loved this one! How about I add this...
"You know you have a toddler when you read every one of those instances & said yep, been there, done that!"
It all sounded TOO familiar, lol. Can't believe our babies are just about TWO!!!!!!!!!

sheree said...

loved this post ;)

Yep...I pretty much felt the same way in the hospital (well actually, I was already home whent hey told me)

But anyway, I am looking forward to this exciting road ahead...the road where bibs get stored in the toilet. Awesome!

Jaime said...

I love this one!! Happy Birthday to your Sweet June Baby. :)