Thursday, June 18, 2009

Everybody Clap Your Hands

I've been doing this whole blogging thing for a year already. Amazing.

I pretty much have the original email that I sent out, along with the link here, committed to memory.

I've been thinking about what I could do that would leave the longest-term impact to my baby girl's life as she reaches the milestone of her 1st birthday today and I came up with this: She deserves a mother who isn't afraid.

So, that's what I'm giving her. Consider it a baby step.

Through tears, I rehearsed it over and over and over before sending, afraid that I wasn't saying something right. Afraid of people's reactions.

I was pleasantly surprised though. For that, I am very grateful.

I've met some wonderful people along the way and I've had an outlet to express all kinds of thoughts and emotions, rants and ramblings.

Thank you all for joining me on this journey.

How it all began


Michelle said...

clap-clap-clap! Or something. We clap a lot here lately - at Ruby's command. I'm so glad you joined the blogging world & we got to meet! Meet online. You know. I'm not stalking you or anything yet.

Anonymous said...

Chrystal, I could never say thank you enough.....for opening your heart and ears to me. You have truly inspired me to not be afraid. thank you, Andrea

AZ Chapman said...

happy blogervirsty

Wendy P said...

I'm so glad you're here!! Happy Blogiversary!! You can't see it, but I'm totally throwing a Ds gang sign your way right now.

Cate said...

Aw, a milestone for you, too. Congrats!

Michelle said...

happy 1 yr bloggiversary! It went by fast didn't it?