Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Day in the Life of Playette: Wednesdays with Mama

First, we slept in. Well, actually, Mama wanted to sleep in, but I woke up at my regular time, so after I screamed right into the monitor for a while, she came and got me and brought me back into her bed with her and then I woke up about an hour later when the phone rang. I have no idea how that happened. [Mama: Sleeper hold. Works like a charm.]

Then, we played. And ate breakfast. I even pooped in the potty! And then we played some more. I threw lots of towels all over the place because that's how I roll.

And then I put all the coasters on the coffee table into my shopping cart because that's where they belong. Why we even have coasters for a 30 year old coffee table is beyond me anyway.

We were going to go to Parents' Place and sing songs, but Mama was still in her pajamas when it was time to go so she introduced me to Elmo and some random green monsters instead. I was fascinated.

I also danced a lot. But of course the one time Mama decided to get it on video, I ate it.

Oh well. That just shows how tough I am. Mama says it's because she did Tae Bo while I was in her belly. Daddy would laugh if he heard her say that.

Mama also said she's amazed that I'm such a big girl already. Daddy might agree with her there. Hello...I'm gonna be two next week. I'm almost a grown up!

Then Mama jumped up, realizing that we were late. Again. Some more.

I watched her throw on some clothes and brush her teeth. She didn't even sing the song this time. Boo, Mama.

I ate nuggets and fries while Mama drove to the doctor. I was just there yesterday so they all know me like I'm famous.

Today, I got to get on the Big Girl Scale for the first time. I did really well. See? I told you I'm grown.

Look how much I weigh now! I like PediaSure and so does long as she has a coupon.

The GI doctor was really nice so Mama liked her. It's always good when that happens.

She wants to test me for "see Lee yack the seas."

Maybe Lee is sick but I feel fine.

On the way home, Mama stopped at the outlets. Usually we only get off at that exit for one reason, but this time we actually shopped!

Mama got a new battery for her watch so that she can finally wear it again. Then she decided to look in the dress store. I liked it there and helped her pick out something pretty. [Mama: She's a great dress picker. I bought the one on the right.]

Apparently, my enthusiasm for shopping [Mama: exhibited by running through the store like it was a playground and making me sweat] was a bit much for Mama, so I ended up on lock-down.

Boo again, Mama.

To make it up to me, we went and got a few things to enhance my wardrobe afterward.

By the time we left, I needed a nap. Good thing I have Mama to drive me around.

Since it was late by then, we went straight to the Parent Support Group meeting. I like it there because I get to play with other kids. Some of them are unique in all kinds of different ways, just like me. We keep this world interesting.


Wendy P said...

cutie girl! I can't believe she's almost two!

Tricia said...

Made my morning. And hello??? Where did the baby go???

Peaches323 said...

Lea is such a big girl. I love the dancing. She get it from her mama.....

Mindy said...

You crack me up more & more each post! I can't believe what a big girl she's becoming too! Before ya know it, she'll be driving YOU around while you nap in the back seat.

Anonymous said... lil pumkin - go lea bea bea, go lea see how she took that misstep and kept it moving...she's a pro, i'm so proud...i can't wait for the next opportunity for us to get together...the brown's will be partying hard right along with you least until naptime

Lisa said...

Gosh, she looks so grown up suddenly!

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

She is soooo grown up looking. And that one of her standing there is oh so cute. Can't wait to meet her in person!!

Vanetta said...

OMG!!! look at my big girl. Thanks Chrystal. It's good to know she is growing up fast. I told her there wasn't anytime for her to stay a baby when she had "those" parents.

Luv yall!! Especially the Lady of the house. Lea of course.

Michelle said...

Oh that's such a busy day! And when are you bringing that girl over to play with me?? I mean, play with Ruby!??? I love her! Great post!