Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Your Baby Can Read: Day 1

When we arrived home from Mexico, there was a box. It was a gift from my father and his wife for Playette. I had mentioned being interested in the YBCR program and they went ahead and purchased it, for which I am very grateful. (I no longer can find our particular set on the web site, but I'll take a photo for reference later.)

On Sunday, I sat down with Playette to check it out. The first scene on the DVD is Dr. Titzer explaining a little about how to complete the program. According to him, Playette should watch the starter video twice a day for the first month. We watched it just once on Sunday. Then, on Monday, she saw it twice. Let's count Monday as Day 1.

Now it's Tuesday morning and SHE CAN READ!

Just kidding.

BD is off from school and Playette's daycare is closed (grumble grumble) since the two places follow pretty much the same schedule. He'll have her watch it during the day (running time: 20-ish minutes) and I'll do the same this evening.

Apparently, we should be showing her the flashcards too, so I'll start that this evening if I don't get the chance to ask BD to do so earlier than that.

The starter DVD has music, including a verse of "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star" I've never heard before, along with children talking and various animals just animaling. When a new word is used, the screen displays the word in one color on a contrasting colored background and a triangle scrolls along the bottom of the word from left to right.

I'm not one that wants Playette to watch a lot of TV, but I'm still willing to give this a try. I want to get her started on this now with the hopes that school won't be as difficult for her later on down the road. I want her to have the desire to read books upon books upon books like I did when I was a child and not to be discouraged from doing so out of frustration. I don't know if it's a pipe dream or what. I know she'll face challenges. That's a given. But I just want her to have tools that will allow her to face them head-on and overcome. Perhaps this is one of those tools. I'm willing to take a chance. It will take dedication and lawd knows I'm lazy, but I need to get over that, and fast.

I'll keep you posted from time to time on our progress. Feel free to ask questions and generally hold me accountable during this part of our journey.


ks_kristi said...

Day two and she can read comment cracked me up! Well, I will try to remember to remind you to do your "homework" when we chat.

I am so excited I finally got my office and internet setup at the ranch! Oh happy day;) Don't ask about shower/sink.

sheree said...

how exciting!! Send me a link to what you got when you get a chance!

Michelle said...

Ha - the day two and she can read, that cracked me up, too!

I'm watching intently to see how it goes ... If it works well, Miss Ru might need it, too! No pressure, though ...

SwtHoni357 said...

I was thinking about getting the same thing. Those infomercials just know how to get ya....LOL Keep us posted...I want to hear how it goes.

Hector and Jennifer Varanini Sanchez said...

So exciting! Keep us posted. I'm curious which set you got. I have the Doman one and we are starting the reading program tomorrow :)!!! So excited. I'm going to have my almost 4 year old do it with Joaquin so that they both can benefit.