Thursday, December 11, 2008


So here's the deal. You know how BD is a student right? Well, the President of the Uiversity is having this soireé on Sunday afternoon and only 10 students are invited. He was chosen. In a perfect world, I would attend as his guest.

I made my hair appointment, made a mental note to buy some stockings, prayed I could still fit the dress I wanted to wear.

But....Ms. J is busy. As it is, she's already coming over tomorrow and Saturday nights. It would be a lot to ask even if she were available. And she isn't. So now what?

We asked friends and co-workers. Everyone has plans. Which is totally understandable 'cause it really is last-minute.

It's times like this that I'm reminded of what I said pre-child:
Parents can't do everything they want to do.
Sometimes you have to say no.
Invitations can be declined.

I'm repeating this to myself over and over like a mantra.

It kinda sucks a little, but seriously? Our obligation to take care of Playette takes priority over all other things. Even really cool networking opportunity-type things that seem like could be possible if only the stars would perfectly align for two or three hours.

Well, this time we just have to suck it up and make a decision. Either BD goes alone or we pass. Or we find a suitable sitter, if that's even possible at this juncture.

This reminds me of something. I know there are folks out there that have been made to feel guilty for wanting to have an adult-only gathering (you should see the wedding forums I've visited in the past - WOOHOO is that ever a heated discussion!). I want you to know that even though I'm a parent now, I'm still with you. The only events Playette will attend are ones to which she is explicitely invited. Taking her with us is not an option here.

By the way, I got mad at BD earlier when he sent me a text message saying that he saw an ad for a babysitter on the bulletin board. I totally thought he was offering to leave my baby with a stranger so that we could attend a cocktail party. As if.

Apparently he was kidding. I didn't know that for a long time so I was mad...well, for a long time.


Sorry.[/small voice]


My name is Sarah said...

My mom and me were just talking about starting for fun a service where the two of us go to sit for another family with Ds. I love to play with the babies and my mom has a lot of experience with trachs,and breathing machines and that kind of stuff. Too bad you don't live in Ohio or we would come over.

Good luck.

sheree said...

bummer. I really hope you can find a sitter. A date night would be nice :)

Sarah- I think you and your mom need to move to California!

Lisa said...

Yeah, Michael is attending his firm's fancy-shmancy holiday dinner this Saturday evening, stag. Not exactly because we couldn't get a sitter, actually because it's scheduled for so early in the evening that I wouldn't be able to get Finn to bed beforehand (which has to do with nursing him . . .). Anyway, sort of a different situation, but I hear ya. Sometimes - sometimes - the kids have to come first. Ha ha.

Sonia said...

The joys of motherhood huh...It's times like these that I wish that my family was right next door. Good Luck with finding someone so you guys can go out and have some fun!

Mindy said...

Oh hell to the no leaving your baby with a stranger sitter he'd find on a bulletin board! ha! Soooo, what was the outcome, did ya go?