Thursday, December 4, 2008

I threw the phone...and other things

Yeah, so I threw the phone. It's not a great phone to begin with, so I almost stopped myself. But not quite.

It hit the wall. Or maybe the DVD rack. I don't even care.

I didn't break it. I wanted to though.

That's how angry I was.

Why do certain people who are booking medical appointments have to take it personally and get defensive because the following are already taking place on the dates they offered you:

1. An Ortho appointment 2 hours away
2. My husband is taking finals and can't come
2. We're going to be out of the country

Did she honestly think I was booking an EEG for my child because it sounded like a fun way to spend a morning? And that I was saying those dates weren't good because I enjoyed making her job more difficult than having her pick the date/time, followed by me saying "ok, sure"?

This whole EEG thing sounds like the opposite of fun, actually. I took Playette to the Endocrinologist today and she wouldn't even let anyone touch her. Period. Not for weigh, length, a brief exam, nothing. So an EEG? Eh.

Plus, we are supposed to make her stay up late and wake up early, followed by no sleeping during the 30 minute ride to the office. So it's going to take both of The Big Ones then.

I hate days like this.


ks_kristi said...

Give me her number and I'll kick her scheduling butt!!! So sorry your day went this way, how rude.

Wish I wanted to be a pediatrician and then Playette would get the super star treatment!

Keep your head up, your such an amazing Mom;)