Friday, December 5, 2008

'Tis the Season

My office has decided to have a cookie party on the 15th.

I hate mandatory fun. We're already having a "holiday luncheon" (that we have to pay for). I said I would go. Isn't that enough?

Anyway, I don't bake really. As a matter of fact, I keep typing it "back" so you can see that I have trouble even writing the word. Plus, yes, my back still hurts so it could be a Freudian slip.

There are rules: The cookies are supposed to be homemade and I need 2 dozen.

Do you know of an easy, tasty recipe I could use? If so, please share. They all think I hate the holidays (unfair statement but I'm tired of trying to explain it to them) so I would love to knock their socks off with some fabulous cookies just because.

Remember: easy



Anonymous said...

how about you buy some in a roll, cut them up and cook them. :)

nothing is easier than that

sheree said...

I just put a recipe up the other day for double chocolate chip cookies...way easy and yummy!!

Lisa said...

I dunno, Chrystal. In my book, buying the refrigerated cookie dough and baking it yourself counts as homemade ;)

Michelle said...

Here are a couple: