Sunday, August 31, 2008

Long Weekend

Not much going on here, really, which is a good thing, I happen to think.

Playette's PT has been on vacation (the good one, the real one) so we didn't have an appointment this week. The ST's office is giving us the run-around, so we got a welcome break from them over the past 7 days as well. The other PT came to the daycare on Friday and I chose not to join in as I usually do.

Since I started working outside of the home again, I've been coming into the office late on Thursdays so that I could participate in the PT/OT sessions, but as of the last IFSP review, the therapists are changing their schedules around. I've decided not to beat myself up about not being omnipresent and just go ahead and pick one day a week like I was doing before. I'm choosing the OT, the least objectionable of the two and I think she's choosing Wednesdays, which means that I'll only have two sessions to attend at daycare per month instead of four, as I was doing previously. I'd also like to take Playette to a "Mommy and Me" type group on Wednesday mornings, so this might work out well. I've still got some figuring to do.

The figuring has to do with the work situation that is better (*whew*), but still evolving. I did talk to my boss about what my issues are and she may have actually been listening, but regardless, the support I've received from you good folks and some others has allowed me to take a personal stand and adjust the few things I have complete control over: my attitude, my reactions, and my priorities.

And you know what? I feel better. I still have my résumé out and I'm still scanning the possibilities as they make themselves known (4 referrals to hiring managers in the last week!), but I'll address the options if/when they come. The reality is that I like what I do outside of the sometimes ridiculous conditions and the type of flexibility I have in my current schedule is not something that comes along every day. If I were given a choice between an alternate work schedule that allowed me to come in at noon every Wednesday and $20K more annually? Well, it wouldn't be as easy of a decision as it may sound to some. If I can get those Wednesday mornings with my Littlest where I am? Well, I would be one happy mama.

It's all about balance.

And then there's also that whole thing about the devil you know.

What else...

- BD and I went to the movies on Friday night. After, I had a tasty blue martini. Again, our sitter rocks.

- I went to the library and out to lunch with a friend to a Thai restaurant that I like. Why don't I do that kind of thing more often?

- I started reading one book I checked out [Side Note: How sweet is it that all you have to do is request a book at the library and then 2 weeks later they send you an email saying that they purchased it and have it on hold for you? Is our library special or have I been missing out on this kind of perk forever?!]...

- ...and then made Pumpkin Bran Muffins from a recipe in the second book I got. I'm feeling pretty proud of myself today!

- My last Saturday session of Bootcamp was yesterday. I think I will be in pain until next Saturday. At least. I can barely sit and BD had to carry the Littlest down the stairs for me.

- And speaking of "stairs" check out what my girl discovered was a good peek-a-boo tool:

A broader view of her play area, which I love due to the fact that none of the crap that builds up there is viewable until you're right up on it. Plus, I could think of no better way to make use of that space:

Spying the paparazzi:

Hope you're having a great weekend!

Oh, and could someone find a way to stop me from eating 2 dozen muffins, please? Thanks.


sheree said...

if you find someone that can stop you from eating two dozen muffins, can you please send them my way to keep me from eating an entire pan of brownies I just made??

I love the pics of malea peeking through the stairs! SO cute!

Michelle said...

Glad to hear the work situation is getting better.

Love the pics of her peeking out from the stairs! and what an awsome space for a play area!