Friday, August 22, 2008


Ok, what about "Chromosome Extra-vaganza"?

No? Hm.

Goofy names aside, I have an idea. I know of a fellow military family moving not too far from us (just double the amount of time it took us to get to the IMAX, that's all ;-) and I'd love to have them over to welcome them. They have a pretty little girl with Ds. And then not far from where they'll be living, there's another mom I've met online of a beautiful new daughter, also with Ds. Wouldn't it be great if they met? And what about the folks I had lunch with last Sunday in San Francisco? Their 2 month old cutie also has Ds. Don't you think we all should get together? Add in the twin boys (chromosomally enhanced) I watched play last Saturday...Shouldn't they, and their little brother, come too? So could the little girl we met who is two days older than Playette and the family that likes to come to our area to visit the aquarium and let Dad scuba dive. Plus, there are two families that live in the neighborhood where Playette goes to daycare that have kids with designer genes and we have yet to all get together. I'm sure they have lots of good info to share with me.

We can pick each other's brains, support one another, enjoy the view, walk to the beach (I've heard Summer shows up here soon - bring it!), let the kids play, have some snacks...basically, I guess I wanna have a support party.

You've all heard me gripe about living in a small town and what comes along with it. I do attend a monthly Parent Support Group that includes families with children with varying diagnoses, but even we've been talking about getting together in a more social setting. So let's do it. Ds or no.

Plus, my dentist gave me a discount the other day and my friend helped me see that paying it forward is the best way to go with that. I'd love to be able to send him a thank you note with a group photo inside.

We have an air mattress and maybe I can sponsor a couple of rooms at the nearby Navy Lodge ($73/night) for anyone that wants to make a weekend out of it. Military folks can stay on base in really nice rooms for even cheaper than that.

I'm thinking Labor Day Sunday, maybe? What do you think?


sheree said...

a support party sounds FUN! haha! I wonder how long it would take me to get there?? Am I invited? lol

Michelle said...

I think that sounds like a great idea! You should go for it :)

hapagirlhapafamily said... I'm a little late in getting my invite (on my own lazy doing of course!) But, can we plan another event because I would really really really love to come!!!