Sunday, August 10, 2008

Recovering, Coupons, and Coolness

Recovering: My ears and eyes are still doing this after last night's BIGGER THAN LIFE viewing of Batman. I love IMAX, really, but there's a distinct difference between watching dolphins frolic while someone performs a soothing voice over and viewing a high-budget blockbuster with multiple booms and shakes and in-your-faceness. I'm proud of myself for not sleeping during the 1.5 hour rides each way and the 2.5 hours in the actual theater. Go, me!

Oh, get this! The pizza I ordered from the snack bar wasn't ready so they gave me one of those things they give you when you wait for a table at a restaurant and actually delivered my little personal pizza to me in the theater. Maybe if I still lived in the big city, I wouldn't be as excited. For all I know, this is typical now. But for me? Woohoo!

I guess I could put my promised muscle soreness under "recoveromg", but I'm not 100% sure that I am. I want to go back to bed.

Coupons: Our budget appreciates having moved out of this phase, but if you're still buying formula and happen to use Enfamil Lipil, please let me know and I'll mail you the two $5 coupons I just got in the mail (well, yesterday's mail, but at least we got it in the house before Monday). They expire on 10/31.

Coolness: In the, well, yesterday's mail, Playette and I received the cutest post card with this photo by Conny Wenk on the front, courtesy of fellow blogger (May I link to you? Personally, I love your blog, but I don't want to violate any blog etiquette or something). It's going right up on Playette's wall of fame. That's where all the photos of, and letters from, her friends go. Thanks, T & G! You're in my thoughts today.