Monday, September 1, 2008


So I'm sitting at the computer, lost in Blogland as I tend to be sometimes, and I hear a cry for help coming from the bathroom.

It's the guest bathroom. We really only use it to bathe Playette in because it's the only bathroom we have with a regular tub (the one we call Playette's bathroom has a shower only and bathing her in there didn't go well - I think the walls on three sides thing freaked her out, but who knows for sure).

Anyway, so I hear this, "Wife! Help!" and I take off running from the office, across the living room, up three steps, into the bathroom. This was no meager feat. If you read the previous post, you know that I'm in P-A-I-N from the torture that was Saturday's workout. So I race to get there in what was probably like 3 minutes in real time - only to see that BD has Playette standing on the counter, leaning on the mirror.


Apparently this is a mirror game they play before getting in the tub (result: she now waves at herself every time she sees her reflection in anything). I never get to see the game actually take place. I just see the cute, teeny resulting hand prints on the mirror that build up because, hey, like I said, no one really uses that bathroom and I spend too much time in Blogland, amongst other things.

I guess Playette was really enjoying the game. So much so that she relaxed and popped a squat right on her towel that was between her itty little feet and the counter.

Wait? Moms aren't supposed to say that, are they?

"Dropped a deuce" then?

Alright, alright...poo-poo'd. She poo-ppo'd on the counter. Anyway you say it, it was fun-ny. And I'm writing it here because I never want to forget. My poor child has me for a mother.

For anyone that's worrying about cleanliness, all is now well. Bleach is my friend.

Soon after, Playette, done with her bath (no bleach!) and in her pajamas, was caught making further explorations of the office (you'd be proud that I filed my piles today) within the prettiest streak of setting sun just moments ago.

We had a good day.

Tomorrow: Dentist appointment & back to work

Remaining Muffin Count: 10


Michelle said...

Ahh, that is FUN-NY!

sheree said...

awww! Normally poop would gross me out, but baby poop doesn't really have that effect on me!

Glad you guys got a little chuckle out of it :)

Tricia said...

That is RICH! hahahahahah

So beautiful too, that girl!

Michelle said...

I couldn't help but laugh at your description!

Anonymous said...

I happened upon your blog from a friend of a friend. Oh my goodness your little one is GORGEOUS!!!!