Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sundae Evening

I've got ice cream on the brain today. Actually, I've been obsessing about it for a while now. Thankfully, when we went to Costco earlier, they were giving out all kinds of good stuff (steak, turkey sandwiches, organic juices, etc) and amongst it all was a nice display of brownies and vanilla ice cream. Mmmmm, brownie sundaes. When I was a kid, my mother used to buy us those once in a while. I remember leaving Safeway with a box of four (they were the size and shape of Klondike bars) and being lucky if they all made it to our freezer. It was only a 5 minute ride, but still. And the worst part was that, at that that time, there were 3 of us living in the house. 3 people, 4 brownie sundaes. Yeah, it got ugly sometimes. But it makes for an entertaining memory. It's amazing what sticks with you for 20 years.

You know, I've looked for those things in the frozen food section for YEARS and I've never seen them again. I wonder if they just didn't sell. Preposterous!

Hey! Anyone else seen those Sonic commercials with the fried ice cream milkshake thingee? Man, I want one. On Friday night, I tried to organize a caravan when I found out that the closest location was a mere 83 miles away, but it didn't work out. Tell me if you've had one...are they as good as they look? I've said this before and I'll say it again: TPTB at Sonic should be ashamed of themselves for showing commercials nationwide when like 90% of us don't live anywhere near one.

How pitiful is this track my mind is set on? And I wonder why after getting up at the crack of dawn for 7 weeks and getting my butt kicked that my body is still exactly the same as when I started. But is thinking (and writing) about crap food really enough to widen my waistline? Nah. We all know I love the snacks. I guess I just have to try harder in that area. I probably won't do Bootcamp again, but I've got a new plan up my sleeve. Something has to change because our family's schedule/budget just can't sustain another session.

I keep giving my child crackers and she keeps dropping them on the floor and grabbing receipts out of my "to be filed" pile and putting them in her mouth. I can't win. Then again, maybe she's helping. I really don't need grocery store receipts from June, so forcing me to throw this crap away because it's all drooly isn't such a bad thing.

Why, yes, those are brownie and carrot juice stains on her new outfit. Nice catch!

Ok, now she's swooshing the pile all around. Not my beautiful pile! Hmph. Now it's messy. Before it was a nice pile and I could fool myself into thinking it was in some sort of order. She's exposing me, y'all.

Kinda like this blog.


Peaches323 said...

There is a Sonic near my job now. We all piled in the car and went a couple of weeks ago. It was so GOOD!!! I didn't get any of the milkshakes but next time I go I will get you one and overnight to Cali.

Michelle said...

she is just so cute!

the fried ice cream shake does look yummy. I'm surprised you don't have a Sonic closer to you - we actually have two in our small town (and we don't have much here!) My sister likes visiting just because she gets to go to Sonic (they don't have one) and she hadn't been to one before she came to visit us in NM :)