Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Gold Star

Wow, this week is busy.

For example...

Monday: Honestly, I can't even remember right now. I know I went to Bootcamp at 6am. Everything after that is a blur. Oh, wait! I actually left work on time, came home, changed clothes, folded the Littlest One's laundry, and cooked dinner. That was an "easy" one.

Tuesday: Playette's interim IFSP review at 8 am, PT at 4 pm, Developmental Specialist from 6-8 pm (at least she came to us...I was yawning the whole time even though it was very worthwhile)

Today: Playette had OT at daycare at 8 am but I couldn't be there due to my 9 am dentist appointment, 2:30 appointment with my doctor to go over the results of last week's CT scan (inconclusive - seriously? ugh!), 5 pm personal appointment for me, returned books to the library (I think I can actually find my way directly there now), came home and traded places with BD so he could go study, did the whole night routine with the Littlest and now that she's asleep, I need to clean up after the whirlwind.

Tomorrow: Gotta work late to make up for the minimal time I was there today.

Friday: Had a hair appointment, but I canceled it because I'm already looking forward to going to bed early that night.

This weekend there's a street festival in our 'hood. The town we live in is actually made up of two shopping centers (give it up for Targé and Home Dee-pot, everybody) and about 300 residents. That doesn't stop us from having a Mayor, and a police station, and parties though! I just looked at the web site. There's gonna be music, dance, street performances, local restaurateurs and food producers. Sounds good. Hopefully, I don't sleep through it all.

Maybe we can charge folks $5 to park in our driveway....kidding...well, maybe.

Babytalk magazine, the only one of its ilk to ever feature a child with Ds on its cover (twice even!) is asking for photos to post on their site in honor of National Down Syndrome Awareness Month in October. Here's what I submitted, taken last weekend in San Francisco (sleeves, jacket close by) and San Jose (sleeveless, woohoo!).

Ok, so why the gold star? Well, today was the first time I really told someone in person that their use of the "r" word was offensive to me. I said it kindly and I couldn't have asked for a better reception. I almost didn't say anything, but I knew I would feel bad later if I didn't. Felt good. Gold star for me.


Tricia said...

You deserve 100 gold least! She is SO adorable. LOVE her!

Lisa L said...

I love the second photo - she is adorable as always (or at least, as she is in photos - I'm sure she may be less adorable when crying at 2am).

And your week is making me tired just sitting here reading about it.

Michelle said...

wow that was a busy week!

cute photos that you submitted! I sent one in of Kayla when she was 11 months old...I wonder if they'll contact us if they use the photos, or if they'll just post them on the site.

Good for you for letting someone know how you felt about the "r" word!