Saturday, February 14, 2009

To be fair...

TBaA wasn't that bad.

Yes, it's cheesy as all get-out, but the messages were on point.

That second episode I mentioned actually came on today so I watched that one too.

Apparently, in 1997 at least, Chris Burke was a recurring character. He was an angel named Tyler.

(Perpetuate stereotypes much? I can't help but think of this great family).

But the show is about angels, so I'm inclined to let that slide. It's not like he was the only one and they were saying that all people with Ds are angels.

Still, it was nice. Extra sugary, syrupy type nice, which is fine if you like that sort of thing.

And they did share some truthful, up-to-date (even for having been filmed in 1997) information. For that I can be grateful. Besides Angel Tyler, there were also other characters with Ds. A married couple, a little girl, and a newborn-ish baby.

I also watched "How's Your News?" today. I didn't find it offensive. Should I have? Any thoughts to share?


sheree said...

oops...I just commented about HYN on your last post. I also have a post scheduled for tomorrow about it. I'm a little worried about getting flamed for enjoying it. At least I know I have you on my side, haha!

AZ Chapman said...

I am so sorry u are sick when y are felling up to it come visit. Oh if u read this today happy V day

occhio said...

If you visit the HYN web page you'll see that it's had great reviews, especially by Tom Shales in the Washington Post.

So no, no need to be offended.