Friday, February 27, 2009

Once Bitten

Yesterday, I called to get Playette enrolled on our dental plan. I figured someone needed to look in her mouth and confirm that something was actually in there. Buried beneath her gums maybe, but there.

From what I recalled, as long as I got her added before the end of the month, she'd be able to go to an appointment in March.

I was wrong.

Apparently, the deadline was the 20th. So now the earliest I can get her to see a dentist is April 1st. Well, if I remember to fill out the enrollment form before March 20th, that is. I didn't fill it out right away because...hello, I have until the 20th!

Such is the life of a procrastinator.

Anyway, fast forward to five minutes ago. We're back from a great Aqua Therapy session and playing on the floor as a family, trying to decide what to have for dinner.

Playette obviously has her second wind and is all. over. the. place.

Climbing BD, stepping on him, screaming, laughing. Then she comes over to me. Grabs my finger. Puts it in her mouth.

Nothing new. She's been teething practically since she was born.

And then she bit me.


"I felt a tooth!"

BD: "Really?"

"Yes! It hurt!"

BD: "Hm. C'mere, let me look."

*insert screaming, writhing child here*

BD says he saw felt something. I didn't, though feeling it was good enough for me.

Top right. Over to the side.

My baby finally has a tooth.


Jen said...

See? Procrastination sometimes works to your advantage. That's why I keep doin' it.

Congratulations on the toofer!

AZ Chapman said...

now to teach her not to bite

Ann said...

Holy cow! That's so exciting. I've only been following your blog for a short while but I know you've been waiting for this. Congratulations on the arrival of the first tooth!

Tricia said...

Georgia's first teeth were her molars too! (But if you read my blog recently you definitely DO want to teach how biting might getcha' in trouble!) hahaha

Michelle said...

Yay!! Congrats on the new tooth!! Careful now - those things are SHARP!!

ks_kristi said...

Now that is fantastic! At breakfast this morning we were talking about her teeth... it's a cross country vibe for sure! Yea!