Monday, February 9, 2009

On the Go

Here I am thinking I'm doing a good thing by going to the gym and check out what I missed!

Playette and I went shopping on Saturday night. Just as Target was turning out the lights, I grabbed this box off the shelf. It was totally an impulse buy. This wasn't the toy I had my eye on at all. I just wanted to see if she would pay any push-type toy the slightest bit of attention.

I admit that I'm trying to encourage her to take those first independent steps.

Well, at first, she really wasn't interested.

We tried again on Sunday, this time on carpet. She was a little more engaged, but just slightly.

Apparently, tonight she was ready to make her big debut. Thankfully, BD was able to catch her in the act with his cell phone.

Yeah, I'm cheesin'.

I'm proud of my girl.


Tricia said...

Wow! That is so awesome. GO M!

Ann said...

You must be over the moon. What a thrill! I knew gyms were evil but now we have proof. :)

miri said...

I love the laughs as she's motoring around. Go, Playette, go!

Michelle said...

WOO HOO!! Look at her go! She's running around! That's just awesome!

The Boltz Family said...

Aw, that was wonderful! We are proud of her too!

Mindy said...

Go Lea!!!! It shouldn't be long now, mama! She's ready to G-O!

ks_kristi said...

Way to go!!! You've come up with some great excuses to avoid exercise but this is by far the BEST! She'll be ready to visit goats in no time:)

Oh and BTW Brittny informed me that if I want to take a trip to see a certain on the go baby and her Momma she'll watch my goats. Amazing I found a goat sitter!

sheree said...


Yay malea! That is so exciting!


AZ Chapman said...

bummer y were not there. I am glad u still got to see it come visit

Anonymous said...

In the words of Martin, Yo Go Girl!
Auntie is proud of you.


Signe said...

Wow - look at her go. She is really moving well. So fun to see her in action@!

Michelle said...

wow look at her taking off - like she's been doing it all along!