Thursday, February 5, 2009


I may not be a fantastic cook, but I can watch the heck out of Top Chef and I have several Food Network shows saved on TiVo for posterity. Believe that! I've even gone a Top Chef restaurant tour of San Francisco (by myself and totally unofficial).[/dork]

In the latest episode, they mentioned Pebble Beach Food & Wine. A long weekend of great food and chefs in my 'hood? Wheeeee! Even moody Stefan should be there.

Yeah, I wanna go.

And no, I'm not independently wealthy.

Turns out you can volunteer. I've submitted my name in two different places so far. Tom Collicchio, Ted Allen, Roy Yamaguchi, Eric Ripert, and Cat on the lookout for me, ok?

Lemme know if you want to come too. We can sort recyclables and be crazy foodie fanfolks together.


Michelle said...

That sounds AWESOME!! I wish I could go, too.

Ann said...

I'm addicted to Top Chef too! I don't watch too much TV now (damn those selfish twins) but I love Wednesday nights. I'm rooting for Carla but I know Stefan will probably win. If you get to go, you must blog about your experience.