Saturday, October 11, 2008

Southern(ish) Comfort

I just wanted to take a moment to clue you all in on my upcoming travels. It's going to be a busy 3 weeks for me, but after that things will settle down considerably.

Jonesboro, AR (via Memphis)

Fayetteville, AR

Oklahoma City, Stillwater, and Norman, OK

Phoenix, AZ area

Topeka, KS area (via Kansas City)

We had a great day today. Swim lessons, sushi, and best of all - Sheree. Their family came to visit and we went to the aquarium, enjoyed the view, and, especially, one another's company. The kids were so adorable. We'll absolutely get together again soon.

With that in mind, please let me know, dear readers, if you will be in any of the places I listed above. I'd love to meet up.

We can go to Sonic or something.


sheree said...

you are a BUSY mama!

We had SO much fun with you guys today!

Can't wait to meet up again and go to Maggiano's! ;)

Lisa said...

I hope our paths cross one day Chrystal!

The Boltz Family said...

Hey, I am in Phoenix! (and I know where the Sonic is.) ;o)

Michelle said...

wow you sure travel a lot! Wish I was in one of those cities you're going to be in!

Shawndi84 said...

Aww.. I wish we could hang out with ya'll... :( Maybe one day...!!